Renee Hassna – Executive Director


Renee Hassna has served the OPOA membership for 20 years.  As Executive Director, Renee  is responsible for the day to day operation of the OPOA.  Her knowledge of member benefits and ability  to navigate the minefield of issues surrounding our benefits is legendary.

Through her work at the OPOA, Renee has become a nationally renowned expert in line of duty deaths.  Her expertise have been built on the years of sacrifices by OPOA members in Oakland.  She is regularly asked to assist other agencies when  they suffer the loss of an officer.  In 2011 her ability and experience was acknowledged by the federal government when she was asked to take over coordinating all federal benefits for officers lost in the line of duty in Northern California.  Renee was the first non-sworn person in the nation ever to be assigned that task.

Renee’s dedication is not only limited to members.  Renee supports and assists all our survivors.  She ensures that our survivors are always remembered  and attends to their, and their children’s’, needs.

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