Long Term Disability

A Long Term Disability (LTD) fund shall be established for the purpose of providing income to any active member of the Association that is on an “on or off” duty illness/injury. This plan shall be used in conjunction with their sick leave if this is off duty or with 4850 pay if it is on duty. Once the member is on LTD they shall receive 70% of top step police officer pay. While receiving LTD, their income is tax free. The member may be off up to two (2) years with an on/off duty illness/injury. With an on duty illness/injury, the member shall receive their 4850 pay for one (1) year and up to one more year they shall receive their LTD pay. With an off duty illness the member shall receive sick time for 60 days and the remaining 20 months will be LTD.

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