Union Dues-2016

Union Dues $ 1,617
Parking $ 240
LDF $ 312
Total $ 2,169

Grievance Procedures

Members have seven (7) calendar days to file a grievance from the time of the violation. Please refer to the attached grievance template by clicking here. It is suggested you consult with a board of director or executive member prior to submitting your grievance. Please CC Barry when filing your grievance.
You can download the document Click here

Mental Wellness

Michael Palmertree, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of post-traumatic stress.


POBAR (Police Officers’ Bill of Rights).
You can download the document Click here

Medical Benefits

The City of Oakland provides Kaiser as the health care provider. There are several other choices if you choose not to carry Kaiser, which will give you an out of pockets expense for the premium per month. You will pay the difference between the Kaiser premium and the plan you decide to pick.

Please see the Medical Plans and Rates.

Any information regarding medical insurance should be directed to:
Mike Lee, City of Oakland

Phone: (510) 238- 6794

Life Insurance

All OPOA members carry a $50,000 life insurance policy that is provided by the OPOA and paid for by the City of Oakland. Once sworn, you have the opportunity to purchase up to $1,000,000 worth of insurance and the prices are below:


Our dental insurance is through Guardian. Read our tips for navigating your new Guardian Dental Benefits.

  • Annual maximums refresh each January 1st
  • There were NO benefit changes made to the plan in transitioning from Delta Dental
  • No ID cards will be forthcoming, providers can locate you in the system by name, DOB and SSN
  • Orthodontia maximums are paid out on a “Lifetime Maximum” basis, and do not refresh
  • Please continue to request a “Pre-Treatment Estimate” for any services in excess of $300

Your Guardian Dental PPO Plan – GROUP # 534533

  • Your Guardian dental plan is a PPO, allowing you to see the provider of your choice
  • If you chose a provider that is “contracted” in the Guardian PPO Network, you will have access to pre-negotiated discounts (approx. 35% off standard fees)
  • Guardian’s PPO Network is called “DentalGuard Preferred”, their largest network of providers
  • The “DentalGuard Preferred” network is larger than Delta’s PPO network in Northern CA

How to Locate Guardian PPO Providers –

  1. Select Providers
  2. Select Find a Dentist
  3. Search for a Provider
    • Quick Search
      • Search for providers by City, State or Zip Code
      • Select Plan = PPO
    • Advanced Search
      • Dental Network = DentalGuard Preferred

PLEASE NOTE – Insurance carrier provider search websites are never 100% accurate.  We recommend you calling your provider’s office to confirm participation in Guardian’s PPO network.  All providers will take Guardian, but make sure to ask if they are contracted with Guardian’s PPO network (DentalGuard Preferred)

Deferred Compensation

Vision Benefits

The vision insurance is through Medical Eye Services (MES).
This is an optional insurance that you must apply for.  The City does not cover this benefit.  Enrollment is once a year sometime during spring.

The plan covers:

  • one (1) eye exam every year, lens to your glasses are free once a year as long as they are standard.
  • Standard does included bifocals and trifocals.
  • Anything extra you pay the difference and $170 towards the frames.
  • Progressive Lens up to $86.81.
  • If using Costco your frame allowance is $130.
  • Contacts that are medically necessary are covered 100%.

The cost for the plan is $8.80 for employee only, $18.37 for employee + one dependent and $27.86 for family which is three (3) or more.

Click here for benefit details: MES Vision

You can go their web site at to find where to go. All chain offices like Site For Sore Eyes, Lens Crafters, and Costco are covered. (Note: Costco membership is required to access MES benefits at Costco optical).

For a Vision Enrollment/Change Form, click here.  Print the form, fill it out, and bring it to Renee at the the OPOA office.

Long Term Disability

A Long Term Disability (LTD) fund shall be established for the purpose of providing income to any active member of the Association that is on an “on or off” duty illness/injury. This plan shall be used in conjunction with their sick leave if this is off duty or with 4850 pay if it is on duty. Once the member is on LTD they shall receive 70% of top step police officer pay.
While receiving LTD, their income is tax free. The member may be off up to two (2) years with an on/off duty illness/injury. With an on duty illness/injury, the member shall receive their 4850 pay for one (1) year and up to one more year they shall receive their LTD pay. With an off duty illness the member shall receive sick time for 60 days and the remaining 20 months will be LTD.