Posted 7.November 2018

Attack an Oakland Police Officer and You Will Go to Jail.


November 7, 2018

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Attack an Oakland Police Officer and You Will Go to Jail.

OAKLAND – On July 23rd, 2018, amid Oakland’s grief and uproar at the savage murder of Nia Wilson on a BART Station Platform, community members took to the streets with a sense of shared loss and solidarity with Nia’s family. As thousands gathered in downtown Oakland to remember Nia and march, Oakland Police Officers were there too, to protect our residents and keep the peace.

However, not everyone present was there to remember Nia and march in her honor. Giovonni Gaines was allegedly there to carry out a premeditated attack on Oakland Police Officers. Gaines allegedly came to downtown Oakland, not with a candle of remembrance, but with improvised explosive devices. Ultimately, at least one of Gaines’ devices was detonated injuring uniformed Oakland Police Officers. While Gaines avoided arrest that evening, Oakland Police Officers were determined and relentless in their pursuit of this suspect ever since.

Last week, Oakland Police Officers and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agents finally arrested Gaines. Gaines’ arrest was the result of a painstaking investigation. Members of the investigative team worked tirelessly to bring Gaines to justice, and their determination paid off with his arrest. Gaines faces both federal and state criminal charges.

In response to the arrest of Gaines, Oakland Police Officers’ Association President Barry Donelan said, “Coming to Oakland to perpetrate attacks on Oakland’s finest, will not be tolerated. Those contemplating such action should be put on notice that they can run from justice but ultimately will just go to jail tired.”

Donelan continued, “Thank you to the FBI for their assistance and very well done to each and every Oakland Police Officer who worked on this successful investigation. Their diligence and hard work makes everyone wearing the blue uniform proud.”

About the Oakland Police Officers’ Association: The Oakland Police Officers’ Association (OPOA) represents all sworn members at all ranks within the Oakland Police Department. Representing the hardest working Police Officers in America. The OPOA can be found on the Web at