Posted 11.April 2019

California Law Enforcement and SB 230 Author Senator Anna Caballero Announce Major Amendments to California Use of Force Bill Precedent-Setting Legislation Reflects Input from Attorney General, Community Leaders

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2019

Contacts: Ron Lawrence Brian Marvel Carrie Lane Jonathan Munoz Chris Steele Jim O’Rourke (916) 481-8000 (916) 928-3777 (916) 452-6751

Sacramento, CA – California law enforcement and Senator Anna Caballero (D – Salinas) today announced sweeping amendments to SB 230 – the California use of force bill that will set a national precedent by requiring consistent policies and mandatory training standards for all 500 California law enforcement agencies. “California has an opportunity and an obligation to protect our families, officers and communities,” said Senator Anna Caballero. “Collaboration is key to developing the most effective and comprehensive use of force policy that results in change. These amendments reflect input and feedback from impacted parties throughout the state. As a result, this legislation can set a statewide standard the rest of the nation can follow.”

The new amendments to the bill have been in the works for some time now, as the bill’s author and supporters have been working with the Attorney General, legislators and community leaders from throughout the state to implement the feedback they have received. With these amendments, SB 230 now:

  • Establishes the first statewide guidelines to clearly define when officers are authorized to use force.
  • Requires that every California law enforcement officer receive the most robust training in the nation strictly designed to minimize the use of force.
  • Sets specific policy requirements on de-escalation, rendering medical aid, proportional use of force and more.
  • Sets forth detailed, standardized requirements for reporting all instances when force is used in our communities.
  • Specifies that use of force policies and training are considered in legal proceedings.
  • Strengthens the California Penal Code’s definition of justifiable homicide for peace officers.

“SB 230 will establish the nation’s most comprehensive legislative solution to one of the most important issues facing America,” said Brian Marvel, President of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). “As peace officers, we are always striving to improve through good policing values and doing everything in our power to minimize use of force. The country is watching and California can show the way.”

“These substantive amendments are a testament to California law enforcement’s commitment to achieving meaningful change through collaboration,” said Ron Lawrence, President of the California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA). “We surveyed all of the proven best practices from around the country and incorporated them into one piece of legislation that will modernize and update California’s use of force policies.”

“California’s use of force policies must be updated, not only to reflect best practices, but to reflect our shared knowledge and expectations for what it means to enforce the law in our communities,” said Rick LaBeske, President of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP). “SB 230 is a bill we can all get behind.”