Posted 9.September 2019

SB 230 – California’s Bill to Reduce the Use of Force Is on Its Way to the Governor’s Desk

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September 9, 2019


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SB 230 – California’s Bill to Reduce the Use of Force Is on Its Way to the Governor’s Desk

California State Legislature Passes the Most Comprehensive Use of Force Policy in the Nation with Overwhelming Vote in Support by the State Assembly
Sacramento, CA – Members of the California State Legislature voted today to pass SB 230 (Caballero) – California’s landmark use of force bill that will set a national precedent by requiring consistent policies and mandatory training standards for all 500 California law enforcement agencies. After today’s vote in the State Assembly, the bill will move to the State Senate for a concurrence vote before heading to the Governor’s desk.

Under the leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, California’s law enforcement community worked together with all impacted stakeholder groups to align SB 230 with AB 392, creating a legislative package that will go further than any other legislation in the country to improve public safety outcomes and reduce the use of force. The bill will provide law enforcement with the additional tools and training they have been asking for, particularly in the area of interactions with vulnerable populations, to keep California’s families and communities safe.

“This is how government is supposed to work – it is a place where we can come together, where we can propose ideas, where we can listen to every voice and consider every option, and where we can make our communities better as a result of this process,” said Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, D-San Diego. “I am pleased that so many Californians remained dedicated to working together to pass SB 230 and AB 392 — a legislative package that will effectively reduce the use of force in our state.”

“I applaud everyone who worked on this year’s legislation to update use-of-force policies, and thank those in law enforcement who came to the table to make it happen,” said Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood. “Together with other legislation already signed into law, SB 230 represents an important step forward to strengthen public safety while safeguarding officer safety.”

“I worked with our law enforcement leaders and community members to develop SB 230 because an officer’s use of force is one of the most important issues facing our state and our nation,” said Senator Anna Caballero, D-Salinas. “With the passage of SB 230, California will set a new national standard that every other state can look to as a model when updating their own use of force policies.”

“We are proud to be national leaders in supporting legislation that will protect our communities and our officers as they uphold their oath of service,” said Brian Marvel, President of the Peace Officers Association of California (PORAC). “Today’s vote is an affirmation of all of the hard work that went into drafting this important and precedent-setting legislation.”

“SB 230 will provide officers with the tools and training they have been asking for to make a real difference in public safety outcomes,” said Ron Lawrence, President of the California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA). “We are pleased to have put forward a unified solution based on shared experiences, perspectives and expertise that will lead to meaningful change here in California.”

“Our number one commitment is to keep Californians safe,” said Rick LaBeske, President of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP). “SB 230 will raise the bar for our nation by mandating better training and higher standards for every law enforcement officer and department in California.”

Under current law, police departments largely set their own use-of-force policies and officers don’t always have access to the training they need. Officers have asked for more training in de-escalation techniques and interacting with individuals with mental illnesses, but their requests are too often met with long waiting periods for funding. SB 230 will proactively and effectively result in better outcomes for everyone because it will:

  • Require that every California law enforcement officer receive the most robust training in the nation strictly designed to minimize the use of force.
  • Set specific policy requirements on de-escalation, an officer’s duty to intercede, rendering medical aid, proportional use of force, interacting with vulnerable populations and more.
  • Specify that use of force policies and training may be considered in legal proceedings.
  • Increase transparency by setting forth detailed, standardized requirements for reporting all instances when force is used in our communities.