Posted 18.July 2018

The Oakland Police Officers’ Association Honors Three Paramedics Plus Paramedics for Heroism for Aiding a Brave Lone Oakland Police Officer in Protecting Our City from an Extremely Violent and Unpredictable Suspect.

July 18, 2018
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OAKLAND – This morning Oakland Police Officers and Paramedics Plus employees joined together at the Oakland Police Officers’ Association to honor three paramedics with “Big Willie Whitley” Citizenship Awards for aiding an Oakland Police Officer in apprehending a violent suspect last month.

On June 6th 2018 Paramedics Plus Paramedics, Kristina Douglas, Mason Kinnard and Heidi Nishmoto, attended a solo vehicle collision in the Oakland hills. An Oakland Police Officer also responded. As the paramedics aided the vehicle’s driver, the driver suddenly became combative and violently attacked both the Police Officer and the paramedics. However, the courage, resiliency, determination and stamina of both our lone Oakland Police Officer and all three paramedics worked together, despite our officer being injured, to subdue and ultimately arrest the suspect.

Oakland Police Officers’ Association “Big Willie Whitley” Citizenship Award: The Big Willie Whitley Award is presented to citizens who have come to the aid of an Oakland Police Officer in a life or death situation. Citizens whose courageous and meritorious behavior, presence of mind, and self-sacrifice, allowed an Oakland Police Officer to live another day. These citizens continue the work Big Willie felt was his calling: being “the Guardian Angel” of men and women in blue at the Oakland Police Department.

About the Oakland Police Officers’ Association: The Oakland Police Officers’ Association (OPOA) represents all sworn members at all ranks within the Oakland Police Department. Representing the hardest working Police Officers in America. The OPOA can be found on the Web at